New SPERI Paper: Addressing Food Poverty in the UK: Charity, Rights and Welfare

Paper No. 18We are delighted to publish this new paper which presents findings from a study into the rise of charitable emergency food provision in the UK and its implications for food rights.

In the paper Hannah Lambie-Mumford focusses particularly on exploring the rise of food charity in relation to two aspects outlined by the notion of the right to food: the adequacy of emergency food provision explored in relation to questions of acceptability and sustainability; and what the rise of food charity means in terms of the state’s duty to respect, protect and fulfil the right to food. The research involved the collection of extensive qualitative interview data from two of the UK’s biggest national emergency food charities.

The findings highlight how charitable emergency food providers are in practice assuming the responsibility of alleviating acute food crises in the absence of the adequate state response that the notion of a ‘right to food’ requires. This paper argues that the human right to food provides a progressive solution to rising levels of food need in the UK and that policy makers alongside other stakeholders should work together to develop a right to food strategy as a matter of urgency.

Download SPERI Paper No. 18: Addressing Food Poverty in the UK: Charity, Rights and Welfare.