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[Comment] Job creation under the Coalition government

Jason Heyes

There is plenty of devil in the detail of its ‘1000 jobs a day’ claim Since George Osborne’s Autumn Statement in 2014, senior figures in the Coalition government (and particularly those from the Conservative Party) have repeatedly claimed that the government has created, on average, 1000 jobs for every day it has been in power. The statistic has been trotted … Continue reading

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[Comment] Countering money laundering and terrorist financing

Banks and financial service providers have responsibilities, but they can’t be expected to solve these problems on their own In November 2014 Westpac Bank, one of Australia’s largest banks, announced that it would be closing its remittance business because it was concerned it would not be able to meet the tough new legal obligations being imposed by international anti-money laundering … Continue reading

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[Comment] The (in)significance of home-based business

The entrepreneurial challenge is really one of economic organisation, of fostering high-growth firms An Englishman’s home is renowned as his castle.  However, the Government’s Small Business Survey published recently again shows the growing number of home-based businesses.   While such businesses have been referred to as ‘invisible businesses’, of the c.4.5million enterprises in the UK it is estimated that today up … Continue reading

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[News] Lecture by Professor David Coates: ‘America in the Shadow of Empires: British Parallels & Lessons’

14th of May | 2.30pm – 4.00pm Venue: Elmfield G19 The United States is currently in trouble both at home and abroad, and those troubles are linked. Overstretched overseas and under-resourced at home, like global powers before it the United States is currently paying a heavy internal price for the pursuit of global power. The parallels with earlier British experience … Continue reading

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[News] Report on ‘Food Waste and Food Poverty’ event

Hannah Lambie-Mumford took part yesterday in an event organised by the Grantham Centre on ‘Food Waste and Food Poverty’ with Tristram Stuart, author of the book ‘Waste‘ and Tim Allen, director of Sheffield on a Plate. Tristram Stuart first presented the work of his organisation, Feedback, which campaigns to end food waste at every level of the food system. His flagship campaigning … Continue reading

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[News] Ha-Joon Chang: ‘Let a hundred flowers bloom and cross-fertilize’

We had the privilege to welcome Ha-Joon Chang on 22nd April at the University of Sheffield for a joint event organised by the  Alternative Economic Society, InstEAD and SPERI. Ha-Joon Chang is reader in Economics at Cambridge university and is the author of several bestselling books including 23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism and Economics: A Users Guide. Ha-Joon … Continue reading

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[Comment] Inequality Redux: Conclusion

Tony Payne

This post concludes the series of posts written over the past couple of months by SPERI staff on the different dimensions of inequality that can be identified in the contemporary political economy of Britain.  It notes that inequality has not, however, taken centre-stage in the current British general election campaign.  It asks why the Labour Party in particular has not … Continue reading

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[Comment] The Eurozone crisis and democracy

Alexandros Kyriakidis

A contradiction has opened up between the founding democratic principles of the EU and its new operational structure during the Eurozone crisis Aristotle suggested that every political system should be tested as to whether there is any contradiction between its founding principles and the implementation of its governance.  The Eurozone crisis seems to have generated precisely such a contradiction between … Continue reading

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[Comment] Creeping towards the EU

The ‘new born states’ of the former Yugoslavia still face real economic and political problems The opening of an accession chapter with Montenegro and the tying of accession for Serbia to the normalisation of relations with Kosovo demonstrate a piecemeal approach to policy making by the European Union in the south-east corner of Europe.   In part, these strategies are shaped … Continue reading

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[News] A great launch for ‘Civic Capitalism’

The debate that SPERI is seeking to initiate about ‘Civic Capitalism’ is off to a strong start following the successful launch last Thursday in Sheffield of the book of the same name by Colin Hay and Tony Payne. In the apt setting of Sheffield Town Hall, Sir Keith Burnett, Vice Chancellor of the University of Sheffield, introduced the event, before Colin … Continue reading

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