Lecture by Professor David Coates: ‘America in the Shadow of Empires: British Parallels & Lessons’

14th of May | 2.30pm – 4.00pm

Venue: Elmfield G19

David CoatesThe United States is currently in trouble both at home and abroad, and those troubles are linked. Overstretched overseas and under-resourced at home, like global powers before it the United States is currently paying a heavy internal price for the pursuit of global power. The parallels with earlier British experience are striking. Indeed, the American political elite could learn valuable lessons from the British experience if it so chose. What those lessons are, and the costs of ignoring them, are the subject of David Coates’ America in the Shadow of Empires, whose content informs the Sheffield talk on May 14th.

David Coates is Professor of Political Science at Forest Wake University. He is also author of two books Answering Back: Liberal Responses to Conservative Arguments and Making the Progressive Case: Towards a Stronger U.S. Economy.