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[Comment] Resource security and energy abundance

John Mathews

Unless Western countries intervene in their economies to build green energy and resource systems, they will continue to go down to defeat in this field to China Why is China becoming a renewable energy superpower – even as it becomes the world’s largest carbon emitter?  This is surely one of the more interesting and challenging questions in international political economy … Continue reading

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[Comment] Vorsprung durch Technik?  Germany and the Eurozone crisis

Simon Bulmer

Key aspects of Germany’s approach to the Eurozone crisis are structural, but they still have a ‘dark side’ So, Greece managed to make its loan repayments (€750m to the IMF) on 11 May 2015. However, the road ahead remains arduous, with almost daily speculation about GREXIT.  Relations with Germany were never going to be easy, given their governments’ diametrically opposed … Continue reading

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[News] SPERI special issue of New Political Economy published

The journal New Political Economy, with which SPERI is associated, has just published a special issue entitled ‘Towards a new political economy of the crisis’.   It is Volume 20 No. 3 of the journal and can be accessed here.  It has been co-edited by Colin Hay, Co-Director of SPERI, and Jeremy Green, former Research Associate of SPERI and now Lecturer … Continue reading

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[Comment] Thought experiments in the political economy of (ecological) crisis displacement: Part 1

Martin Craig

The future crises that we confront depend, above all, on the way we choose to respond to the present ecological crisis With the term ‘crisis’ used so often and so liberally in recent years it’s worth reminding ourselves of the term’s medical etymology: namely, a moment in which the condition of a sick patient deteriorates and ‘decisive intervention’ must be … Continue reading

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[News] New SPERI Paper published on ‘The Winter of Discontent’

Three decades after ‘The Winter of Discontent’ – the infamous winter of 1978–9 characterised by widespread strikes by public sector trade unions – that did so much to shape the mythology of the beginning of the Thatcher era, historians and political scientists now have full access to the public record of these times and are beginning to revisit and re-evaluate … Continue reading

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[Comment] Fostering ‘Civic Capitalism’ within regional polities

Daniel Bailey

Not all devolution is necessarily ‘good devolution’ At the recent book launch for the new SPERI book, Civic Capitalism, it was suggested by IPPR North Director, Ed Cox, that cities (and particularly cities in the North of England and Scotland) represented the ‘most likely spatial scale for the development of Civic Capitalism’. He pointed to cities such as Manchester, Glasgow … Continue reading

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[News] New Vacancy: Post-doctoral Research Associate

SPERI wishes to recruit an exceptional post-doctoral research associate from 1 October 2015 until 30 September 2017 to work on a new research programme described below: Britain’s changing place within the EU The aim of this research programme is to consider Britain’s changing place inside and, indeed, potentially outside the European Union and in relation to the European economy.  This will be … Continue reading

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[Comment] Building a different future out of a crisis of housing

Mònica Clua-Losada

The PAH, or ‘Platform of Those Affected by Mortgages’, has stirred a genuine social and political awakening in Spain The Great Recession has been generally devastating for many people in many different contexts.  In Spain, what appeared to start off as a financial crisis quickly spread to other areas of the economy leading (as in Ireland and the United States) … Continue reading

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[Comment] When in Russia, do as the Russians do?

Putin’s system of control requires businesses constantly to negotiate challenging formal and informal rules of the game The collapse of the command economy and the gradual opening up of large and potentially fruitful markets in the Russian Federation has led to a steady influx of foreign firms seeking to operate within the business milieu of post-Soviet Russia. Twenty-five years on … Continue reading

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[News] SPERI appoints new Policy Research Officer

SPERI is delighted to announce that it has appointed Tom Hunt to a new position of Policy Research Officer.  This position has been designed to widen SPERI’s own research capacity, but also to strengthen its links with the policy community in Britain and the EU, to disseminate its research more effectively to the media and to connect it more closely … Continue reading

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