New Vacancy: Post-doctoral Research Associate

SPERI wishes to recruit an exceptional post-doctoral research associate from 1 October 2015 until 30 September 2017 to work on a new research programme described below:

Britain’s changing place within the EU

The aim of this research programme is to consider Britain’s changing place inside and, indeed, potentially outside the European Union and in relation to the European economy.  This will be set in the context of the overhang from the Eurozone crisis, the role of the British economy in the wider global financial crisis and the place of the City of London in the global financial architecture following the crisis, the prospect of ‘Brexit’ and the new political landscape that has emerged after the 2015 General Election.

Drawing on already well-established themes in SPERI’s research agenda, the research will focus particularly on the changing position and role of the City of London, the question of growth and the capacity to develop sustainable models of growth in the years ahead, and on the futures of social democracy and neoliberalism both in Britain and in the wider European context.  A final theme, explored in each part of the programme, will be that of inequality.  The research will seek to map this comparatively but also to consider it prospectively (in terms of the inter-generational consequences of the crisis of the Anglo-liberal growth model, austerity and the emerging environmental crisis) and as an axis of political mobilisation (which has arguably contributed significantly to the rise of the extreme right and Euroscepticism but which might also be thought amenable to social democratic and more Europhilic expressions).

The key themes of the research programme will be the following:

  • The relationship between the City and the Eurozone crisis
  • European capital divided
  • German fiscal rules and UK complicity
  • British exit – the view from the banks
  • ‘Imbalances’ in private debt and the City
  • European social democratic ambitions and British politics
  • Inequality in Europe and the City of London

Candidates should submit as part of their application:

  1. A covering letter indicating why they are applying for this post;
  2. A full CV;
  3. A sample of their research work (ideally a published paper or draft); and
  4. A brief outline of their proposed contribution to such a research programme (2 pages).

This post is full time.

Job reference number: Ref UOS010757

Please note that only online application will be considered: click here to apply.

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