SPERI special issue of New Political Economy published

NEP_150The journal New Political Economy, with which SPERI is associated, has just published a special issue entitled ‘Towards a new political economy of the crisis’.   It is Volume 20 No. 3 of the journal and can be accessed here.  It has been co-edited by Colin Hay, Co-Director of SPERI, and Jeremy Green, former Research Associate of SPERI and now Lecturer in Politics at the University of Bristol.

The issue emanates from the first SPERI Annual Conference held in July 2012.  Several papers originally delivered at that conference were chosen to constitute the special issue.  They have all been substantially developed since then and now constitute a compelling analysis of the crisis, focused, as Hay and Green argue in their introduction, on ‘getting what went wrong right’.

The other authors published in the special issue are: Andrew Baker; Ronen Palan; Johnna Montgomerie & Mirjam Büdenbender; Erik Bengtsson & Magnus Ryner; Anastasia Nesvetailova; and Stephen Bell & Andrew Hindmoor.