SPERI’s Deputy Director criticises Chancellor’s ‘budget surplus’ plans

ArticleDr Craig Berry, SPERI’s Deputy Director, was one of 77 of the country’s ‘best known academic economists’, to sign a letter published in The Guardian last Saturday attacking George Osborne’s plans, as announced in his Mansion House speech, to achieve ‘permanent budget surpluses’ in Britain.  The letter argues that these plans have ‘no basis in economics’, would unnecessarily tie the government’s hands and actually take away ‘one of the central purposes of modern government’, namely, ‘to deliver a stable economy in which all can prosper’.  The full story and letter can be found here.

Other signatories included Thomas Piketty of the Paris School of Economics; two members of SPERI’s International Advisory Board, Ha-Joon Chang (University of Cambridge) and David Blanchflower (Dartmouth College, USA); and the first winner of the New Statesman/SPERI Prize for Political Economy, Mariana Mazzucato of the University of Sussex.