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[News] SPERI Research Fellow is a member of the new PSA Research Commission on ‘The Crisis of Care in Austerity Britain’

Dr Daniela Tepe-Belfrage, Research Fellow at SPERI, is one of 5 commissioners involved in a new PSA commission on the ‘The Crisis of Care’. The commission, launched last week, will look at the impact of austerity on the conditions of people engaged in paid and unpaid care work. According to a House of Commons Library report, women have been disproportionately impacted by … Continue reading

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[Comment] The 2030 agenda and the SDGs – a course correction?

Much will depend on the capacity and determination of civil society to leverage the necessary political will A rare sense of euphoria permeated the adoption of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in New York this weekend. The multitude of events that have been taking place on First Avenue and beyond had a party atmosphere. And it … Continue reading

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[Comment] What next for Labour’s ABC tendency

Tony Payne

The party desperately needs to go back and come fully to terms with what went right and what went wrong during the Blair/Brown era Many words have been spilled already on the Corbyn phenomenon and more will be added today as Labour’s new leader speaks to the party conference for the first time.  The winners of elections always necessarily generate … Continue reading

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[News] ‘Understanding the Corbyn surge’ by Professor Andrew Gamble

A new essay by Professor Andrew Gamble, Professorial Fellow at SPERI, published by Policy Network, analyses the causes and impact of the Corbyn phenomenon. Professor Gamble argues that the politics of austerity and rising inequality have fuelled a powerful sense that ‘there must be a better alternatives‘, while old models of economics and politics are being discredited. Corbyn’s victory is … Continue reading

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[Comment] The self-protection of European society (inside and outside the EU)

Owen Parker

Growing political turmoil in Greece, Spain and Turkey could be a precursor to a Polanyian ‘great transformation’ away from neoliberalism Many commentators on the global financial crisis and its aftermath in the European context have sought to make sense of the widespread political resistance and protest that has emerged in its wake.  Karl Polanyi, a well-known figure among political economists, … Continue reading

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[News] SPERI teach-in event on ‘Corbynomics’

On Wednesday October 28th SPERI will hold a teach-in event to explore the economic policies put forward by Jeremy Corbyn in his successful campaign to be elected as Labour Party Leader. The so-called ‘Corbynomics’ ideas were first set out in July in Jeremy Corbyn’s policy document ‘The Economy in 2020’. Since then a significant debate about the ideas has begun, … Continue reading

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[Comment] Innovation, research and the UK’s productivity crisis

Richard Jones

Continuing on our current path of stagnating productivity and stagnating innovation isn’t inevitable: it’s a political choice The UK is in the midst of an unprecedented peacetime slowdown in productivity growth.  Labour productivity – the economic output produced per hour worked – has, for many decades, grown steadily at 2.3% a year.  All that changed in 2007, since when it … Continue reading

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[Comment] The Scottish Indyref, one year on

Ariana Giovannini

Devolution in England ignores the key lessons from Scotland’s referendum One year has passed since the Scottish independence referendum took place. Although in the end the people of Scotland voted against self-government, the so-called ‘Indyref’ shook up not only the Scottish but also the wider UK political and social landscape. Hence, on the first anniversary of such a momentous vote, … Continue reading

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[News] Vacancy for a Research Associate to work on a Leverhulme Trust project on austerity and wellbeing

Two of our Associate Fellows from the Department of Economics, Professor Sarah Brown and Dr Alberto Montagnoli, are working with Professor Alexandros Kontonikas from the University of Glasgow and Dr Mirko Moro from the University of Stirling on a project funded by the Leverhulme Trust which will examine the link between restrictive austerity measures and individual outcomes such as wellbeing and … Continue reading

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[News] Report of Speri-BSA event on ‘food, poverty and policy’ published today

Following the success of the event on ‘Food, poverty and policy: evidence base and knowledge gaps’, jointly hosted by Speri and the British Sociological Association’s Food Study Group, today SPERI publishes a report from the day.   The report outlines the key outcomes of the event which took place on 30th June. The event was held to showcase cutting-edge findings on … Continue reading

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