Understanding the Corbyn surge’ by Professor Andrew Gamble

gamble-corbynA new essay by Professor Andrew Gamble, Professorial Fellow at SPERI, published by Policy Network, analyses the causes and impact of the Corbyn phenomenon.

Professor Gamble argues that the politics of austerity and rising inequality have fuelled a powerful sense that ‘there must be a better alternatives‘, while old models of economics and politics are being discredited. Corbyn’s victory is ‘a sharp break‘ from the New Labour era, and ‘whatever comes after Corbynism will not be a continuation of New Labour in any of its forms … all wings of the party after Corbyn are forced to imagine themselves anew.’

You can read the full paper here: After New Labour: The Corbyn surge and the future of social democracy in Britain

Professor Andrew Gamble will lead a teach-in event on Corbynomics organised by SPERI at the University of Sheffield on 28th October. Click here for more information.