Workshop on ‘The promises and perils of English devolution’

Sandra Leon, Craig Berry, Ariana Giovaninni, Martin Smith & Richard Hayton
Sandra Leon, Craig Berry, Ariana Giovannini, Martin Smith & Richard Hayton

On 25th September SPERI Deputy Director Craig Berry took part in a one day workshop on the ‘The promises and perils of English devolution: lessons from Scotland and beyond’.

This workshop is part of a series of workshops led by Richard Hayton (Leeds University), Martin Smith (York University) and Craig Berry which received funding from the White Rose University Consortium with the aim of facilitating dialogue between key stakeholders with an interest in addressing questions of identity, governance and political economy in the North.

Academic researchers, policy makers and practitioners were brought together in York to contribute to the debate on constitutional reform in the UK by examining ongoing research on the causes and consequences of devolution.

The next workshop in the series will take place on 12th November in Sheffield. Click here for more details.

‘The promises and perils of English devolution: lessons from Scotland and beyond’

Panel 1: The State of devolution in England

  • ‘The State of England: The Nation We’re In’ Simon Lee (University of Hull)
  • ‘The Westminster model and the limits of democratic devolution in England’ Martin Smith (University of York)

Panel 2: Devolution and party politics

  • ‘The song remains the same? The Party Politics of ‘new English regionalism’ in the wake of the Scottish independence referendum’ Andrew Mycock (University of Huddersfield)
  • ‘The role of credibility in processes of territorial re-structuring: Evidence from the UK and Spain’ Anwen Elias (Aberystwyth University)
  • ‘UKIP and the politics of Englishness’ Richard Hayton (University of Leeds)

Panel 3: Constitutional Reforms

  • ‘Identity, Power and Territory: a New Era of Constitutional Reforms?’ Carlotta Redi (University of Edinburgh and CCC)
  • ‘Constitutional reforms in Spain: trends and challenges’ Eliseo Aja (Universitat de Barcelona and Institut de Dret Públic)

Panel 4: Holding governments accountable in devolved contexts

  • ‘Making accountability work under asymmetric devolution: the UK case’ Sandra León (University of York)
  • ‘Responsibility Attributions in Multi-level Contexts’ Robert Liñeira (University of Edinburgh and CCC)

Roundtable: ‘The perils and promises of devolution. What lessons can be drawn for the case of Northern England devolution?’

Arianna Giovannini (University of Huddersfield), Craig Berry (University of Sheffield) and Andrew Mycock (University of Huddersfield)