New SPERI Paper: ‘Building a Growth Strategy on a New Social Settlement’

SPERI Paper No. 15SPERI is pleased to publish this week a new paper by Professor David Coates which prescribes a fundamental makeover of centre-left politics in the UK.
The paper argues that the redesign needed is one both of method and of content. Centre-left politics will not revive again until progressive political parties build a programme that addresses the totality of the structural forces shaping contemporary UK economy and society, and until those parties have the courage to share that complexity with their potential electorate well before polling day. And the centre-left will not prevail at the polls until it can demonstrate how vital is the establishment of a new and progressive social settlement, a settlement based on equality & fairness at work and on a qualitatively new balance between work and home. Successful progressive politics always requires the building of a credible counter-hegemonic project. The building of that project needs to begin now.

Download SPERI Paper No. 25: Building a Growth Strategy on a New Social Settlement: the UK case.