Symposium on Forced Labour Research

IMG_0519_250 The first of two symposia on forced labour took place in the Sheffield Town Hall on Thursday 8th October and Friday 9th October. Organised by SPERI Research Fellow, Genevieve LeBaron, as part of her British Academy Rising Star award, the symposium brought together an interdisciplinary group of international expert scholars who focused on one pressing issue: the lack of reliable data in the study of forced labour and slavery.

Through 8 sessions over two days, delegates sought to identify the key gaps in regards to reliable qualitative and quantitative data on forced labour, the factors behind the gaps and the challenges to overcome these gaps. Delegates included SPERI Professorial Fellow Andrew Gamble and SPERI Associate Fellow Nicola Phillips.

Following the symposium a list of recommendations for new methods to research the shadow economy will now be drawn up and published in 2016.

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Professor Jean Allain, Queen’s University, Belfast

Dr Robert Caruana, University of Nottingham Business School

Dr Jenny Chan, University of Oxford

Professor Andrew Crane, Schulich School of Business

Dr Michaëlle de Cock, International Labour Organization

Professor Andrew Gamble, University of Sheffield

Dr Neil Howard, European University Institute

Dr Genevieve LeBaron, University of Sheffield

Dr Hannah Lewis, University of Sheffield

Dr Lucy Mayblin, University of Sheffield

Dr Siobhán McGrath, University of Durham

Dr Aidan McQuade, Anti-Slavery International

Dr Fabiola Mieres, University of Durham

Dr Jeroen Merk, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

Dr Sam Okyere, University of Nottingham

Ms Caroline O’Reilly, International Labour Organization

Professor Nicola Phillips, University of Sheffield

Dr Jessica Pliley, Texas State University

Dr Joel Quirk, University of Witwatersrand

Dr Gale Raj-Reichert, University of Manchester

Dr Andreas Rühmkorf, University of Sheffield

Professor Zoe Trodd, University of Nottingham

Dr Samantha Watson, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine