SPERI 2016 Conference: Second Call for Proposals

UniversityofSheffield-SPERI-200‘Political Economy in an Age of Great Uncertainty’

4-6 July 2016

Halifax Hall, Sheffield

The Second Call for proposals for the Fourth SPERI Conference has now been published. We are pleased to announce that Lord Roger Liddle will give the pre-dinner talk on Tuesday 5th July.

The SPERI Conference is becoming increasingly recognised as a key forum for debating major contemporary issues in political economy in new and challenging ways. It takes place in Halifax Hall in a leafy part of Sheffield and always attracts a range of leading scholars, doctoral students and practitioners with an interest in political economy.

We welcome proposals for a relevant panel of 3-4 papers (or an individual paper) for the 2016 SPERI conference that speaks to one of the following conference themes:

  • The political and economic map of the UK: the unevenness of economic recovery; the prospects for industrial rebalancing; the role of the economic crisis in fuelling devolution to Scotland, the North of England and elsewhere
  • The future of the European political economy: the impact of crisis and austerity on the single currency; the possibility and implications of ‘Brexit’; uncertainty surrounding Europe’s global leadership and the European project as a whole
  • Shifting economic power in the early 21st century: the current position of the BRICS, of Africa and of Latin America; issues of decline in the Western world; prospects for global development and global governance in uncertain times
  • The growing environmental and climate crisis: prospects and problems in generating sustainable development nationally, regionally and globally; post-Kyoto climate change politics; impacts on people, communities and ways of living
  • The political economy of welfare: the impact of further retrenchment in the UK’s welfare settlement and the comparative experience of other countries; the role of the private and charitable sector in welfare provision; the politics of deepening inequality

The opening plenary session of the conference will be addressed by Wolfgang Streeck, former Director of the Max Planck Institute in Cologne and author of the acclaimed Buying Time: The Delayed Crisis of Democratic Capitalism. Other speakers already committed to address plenary sessions include: Zoe Irving (University of York), Mary Evans (London School of Economics), Hayley Stevenson (University of Sheffield), Peter Newell (University of Sussex), Brian Burgoon (University of Amsterdam) and Lord Roger Liddle (Policy Network).

The deadline for proposals is 18th December, 5pm.

Please visit the SPERI Conference website for more information. Don’t hesitate to email speri@sheffield.ac.uk if you have any queries or wish to discuss a proposal.

Colin Hay and Tony Payne, Directors, and Craig Berry, Deputy Director, of SPERI