Can the Welfare State Survive? Andrew Gamble book launch, hosted by the Resolution Foundation

Andrew-Gamble-bookOn Monday May 9th, at an event hosted by the Resolution Foundation in London, Professor Andrew Gamble, Professorial Fellow at SPERI, will launch his new book Can the Welfare State Survive?

Following the global financial crisis deep cuts to welfare budgets have become a default policy response for policymakers around the world. Andrew’s book explores the history of the welfare state, assesses the debates around the survival of welfare states that have intensified since the crisis, and considers new funding solutions and new ideas such as universal basic income.

At the launch event Karen Buck MP and other panellists will join Andrew to discuss key questions regarding the future of the welfare state. Can the welfare state survive in an ever more competitive global economy? What would a reformed welfare state look like? And is a universal basic income a viable and affordable long-term solution? An audience Q&A will then take place.

You can register a place at the event here.