Andrew Gamble gives evidence in Parliament to the Treasury Select Committee

andrew-gamble-130On April 13th Professor Andrew Gamble, Professorial Fellow at SPERI, gave evidence in Parliament to the Treasury Select Committee as part of their inquiry into the 2016 Budget, which was delivered by the Chancellor George Osborne on March 16th.

As a leading political economist Andrew was invited to give evidence, along with academics from the London School of Economics and University of Oxford, the Chief Property Economist for Capital Economics and the Director of the Resolution Foundation.

Andrew gave evidence alongside Torsten Bell, Director of the Resolution Foundation, and they answered questions about cuts to the welfare budget which were announced in the Budget, and on issues relating to the future of welfare spending including Universal Credit funding, the triple funding lock for the state pension and the relationship between productivity and increasing the value of the minimum wage.

The full video of the Select Committee evidence session can be watched here and the transcript is available to read here (Andrew’s evidence begins on page 14).

On Monday May 9th, at an event hosted by the Resolution Foundation in London, Andrew will launch his new book Can the Welfare State Survive? The book explores the history of the welfare state, assesses the debates around the survival of welfare states that have intensified since the global financial crisis, and considers new funding solutions and new ideas such as universal basic income. Full details of the book launch can be found here.