SPERI’s New Research Programmes

research-programmeSPERI has recently concluded an internal discussion about how best to organise and present its widening research agenda.  Our core staff has grown in number and our Associate and Honorary Research Fellows play a bigger role than ever before in our work. SPERI of course remains committed to a broad and holistic view of political economy, but now focuses its research activities around the following eight research programmes, each of which has a designated programme leader or leaders:

  1. Rebalancing and the British Political Economy (Craig Berry & Colin Hay)
  2. European Capitalism and the Crises of the European Union (Scott Lavery & Owen Parker)
  3. Ecological Political Economy and Capitalist Crisis (Martin Craig)
  4. Development and the Governance of a Globalising Political Economy (Tony Payne and Matthew Bishop)
  5. Labour and Work in the Global Political Economy (Genevieve LeBaron)
  6. Austerity and Welfare (Hannah Lambie-Mumford & Liam Stanley)
  7. Young People and Generational Change (Colin Hay & Craig Berry)
  8. Financial, Monetary and Tax Futures (Andrew Baker & Andrew Hindmoor).

Do please click on any or all of the above programmes to see what has been published in these areas of research and what projects are ongoing.