A successful SPERI conference closes


The final day of SPERI’s 2016 conference organised around the theme of ‘Political Economy in an Age of Great Uncertainty’ began with a plenary session devoted to ”The Other Crisis’: The Political Economy of Green Transformation’.

Chaired by SPERI Research Fellow, Martin Craig, the two speakers were Professor Peter Newell (University of Sussex) and Dr Hayley Stevenson (University of Sheffield). Their presentations generated an intense discussion about the ways in which political economies need to change to respond to growing environmental threats and also the ways in which the discipline of political economy itself needs to be rethought to accommodate this huge issue.

Peter Newell
Peter Newell

Eight more panels on topics ranging from democratic transitions, global governance, corporate power, employment regulation and the uneven geographies of rebalancing in the UK then concluded the conference.

Amidst all the formal sessions, meetings of research groups took place; discussions were held with publishers who attended the conference; doctoral students chatted to senior Professors; and many friendships were made and renewed.

Thank you to everyone who attended the conference and especially to all of our plenary speakers, panellists, discussants and volunteers for contributing and making the conference such a success.