Video of Wolfgang Streeck’s talk – ‘Last Call: Time is Running out on Capitalism and Democracy in Europe’

speri16-11-250We are pleased to share the opening address of the SPERI Conference which took place on 4th July in Halifax Hall in Sheffield.

In this talk, Wolfgang Streeck briefly reconstructs the post-war relationships between democracy and capitalism and shows how the trajectory of ‘democratic capitalism’ has increasingly favoured a social and economic model that prioritises the imperatives of the market and of business profitability over the requirements of democratic equality and social solidarity with worrying consequences. With today’s growing debt and inequality, Streeck warns that this is a time to ‘let sink in the enormity of the challenge we are facing’ and not rush to quick and possibly erroneous conclusions.

We also published this week a SPERI Paper by Wolfgang Streeck: Exploding Europe: Germany, the Refugees and the British Vote to Leave.