New SPERI Paper: Riding the Tiger: Towards a New Growth Strategy for the Anglo-American Left

SPERI-Paper-32-200Designing an alternative growth model seems to occupy the mind of politicians and academics alike in Britain and America. But what are we trying to grow? And why are existing progressive packages not sufficient?

We are pleased to publish this new SPERI Paper by David Coates, Worrell Professor at Wake Forest University, which tackles both those questions simultaneously and seeks to establish three main propositions as it does so.

  • Firstly, the paper argues that we are at a watershed moment in both US and UK politics and economy, a moment that both marks the end of a particular growth period and opens the transition to another.
  • Secondly, the paper then seeks to demonstrate that this is the second such watershed moment in post-war US and UK history, and that a proper understanding of the growth periods divided by them is key to grasping the trajectory of progressive politics that we now inherit.
  • Finally, the paper insists that the legacy of the failed Reagan/Thatcher growth model is currently so huge and so daunting that only the formulation of an entirely new growth strategy will help resolve that legacy in a progressive direction.

The paper argues that it is down to the left to design and advocate a new social settlement but a full understanding of the above points is a prerequisite.

Download SPERI Paper No. 32: Riding the Tiger: Towards a New Growth Strategy for the Anglo-American Left.