SPERI-PETGOV Research Collaboration

Genevieve LeBaron, Nicola Philips, Tony Payne
Brian Burgoon, Genevieve LeBaron, Andrew Baker, Geoffrey Underhill, Nicola Philips, Tony Payne, Luc Fransen

A team of scholars from SPERI visited Amsterdam on Friday 28 October to take part in a joint workshop with friends and colleagues from the University of Amsterdam. Our organisational host at the University of Amsterdam was The Programme on Political Economy and Transnational Governance (PETGOV), led by Professor Geoffrey Underhill.

This collaboration between two centres of research in political economy began in October 2015 under the leadership of Dr Genevieve LeBaron who brought together a team of scholars from both SPERI and PETGOV to discuss a series of joint activities. The other key participants in these early discussions were Tony Payne and Nicola Phillips from Sheffield and Brian Burgoon and Luc Fransen from Amsterdam.

The meeting last week consisted of two sessions. One was focused on ‘Financial Governance and Macro-economic Policy’ and was chaired by Professor Daniel Mügge (Amsterdam).  Papers were presented by Andrew Baker (Sheffield), Andrew Hindmoor (Sheffield), Bart Stellinga (Amsterdam), Liam Stanley (Sheffield) and Geoffrey Underhill (Amsterdam).

The other session addressed the theme of ‘Global Value Chains and Sustainability’ and was chaired by Professor Brian Burgoon. Papers were given by Genevieve LeBaron (Sheffield), Philip Schleifer (Amsterdam), Luc Fransen (Amsterdam) and Nicola Phillips (Sheffield).

A meeting also took place to consider the future of the collaboration and a short memorandum of understanding between SPERI and PETGOV was agreed, entitled ‘Exploring common SPERI-PETGOV ground’.

The agreed document sets out the shared substantive interests of the respective research centres, identifies a common view of the role of political economy research in society and charts a number of future collaborative activities over the next two years, including the exchange of staff and students, the holding of both a doctoral workshop and a manuscript development workshop, the provision of funding support for joint grant bids and publications and the participation of a number of leading PETGOV scholars in the 2018 SPERI Conference.