SPERI joins forces with leading parliamentarians to develop new solutions on inclusive growth

Inclusive Growth - SPERI

SPERI has today launched a new partnership with the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Inclusive Growth – a cross-party group of senior parliamentarians – to develop solutions for a more inclusive and more equal economy.

The APPG on Inclusive Growth is backed by a range of influential individuals and organisations across politics, business, trade unions, finance, churches and faith groups and civil society, including the Archbishop of Canterbury, the City of London Corporation and Oxfam.

In a joint article in today’s Guardian the APPG’s Chair, Liam Byrne MP and Professor Colin Hay, Co-Director of SPERI set out our shared agenda. They argue that we urgently need a new economic consensus and ‘the sooner we find it, the sooner we can reject once and for all the tired and flawed orthodoxy of shareholder value and trickle-down economics that took shape with such force nearly fifty years ago’.

The partnership between SPERI and the APPG will seek to develop new research that furthers the intellectual and policy debate about the nature of inclusive growth.

The APPG will hold a programme of Events|News in Parliament, including seminars, keynote lectures and conferences throughout 2017.  The programme will begin with Events|News on ‘the state of the inclusive growth debate’, tax reform, long-term investing and industrial strategy. The APPG aims to run the OECD’s first parliamentary network conference on inclusive growth later in the year.

Professor Colin Hay:

‘Western societies have been characterised in recent decades, and particularly since the crisis of 2008, by a profound widening in social inequality. The challenge is to understand why that is so and what can be done practically to achieve a stable and sustainable model of economic development that will reverse this trend. We look forward to working with the All-Party Parliamentary Group to lead that debate and to build practical solutions to this most urgent problem.’

Liam Byrne MP:

‘Action on inequality is simply overdue.  We know the problem but now it’s time to stop the agonising and start answering the question about just what needs to change.  And the faster we build a consensus on action, the faster change will happen.  That means we need the right people in the room hammering out solutions as to how we mend the market.’

Tom Hunt, SPERI’s Policy Research Officer, will be leading our work with the APPG. For further information about our new partnership contact Tom on tom.hunt@sheffield.ac.uk and sign up to receive news about the APPG at www.inclusivegrowth.co.uk