SPERI Welcomes Visiting Research Fellow from the University of Amsterdam

We are delighted to welcome Bart Stellinga from the University of Amsterdam, who is spending ten days in SPERI as part of the partnership between our institute and the University of Amsterdam’s Political Economy and Transnational Governance programme group (PETGOV).

The partnership was made possible thanks to the award of a Sheffield International Mobility Scheme grant facilitated by SPERI Research Fellow Genevieve LeBaron. This is the fourth exchange between our Universities. The objective of the partnership is to forge closer links with our partners and identify common areas of research and funding opportunities.

Bart gave a presentation on Thursday 23 March in the Department of Politics on macroprudential regulation entitled: “Taming the financial cycle? The macroprudential promise and why reforms do not live up to the high hopes”.  His presentation looked at the regulation flaws exposed by the global financial crisis of 2007/2008 and the attempt made by the EU to remedy those flaws. Bart argues that in comparison to initial hopes actual reforms have rather timid as macroprudential policy merely aims to increase banks’ resilience in the run-up to instability rather than prevent future crises. Andrew Baker whose SPERI Paper on the paradoxes of macroprudential regulation was published this week acted as a discussant, which led to an interesting discussion on the issues faced by the financial sector today.

Bart Stellinga is in SPERI until 29 March and can be contacted at b.j.p.stellinga@uva.nl.