The New Political Economy of Oil

SPERI is delighted to report two new publications that explore in different formats the changing political economy of oil and the place that oil now occupies in the economic and political predicaments that confront the West.  Both are authored by Helen Thompson, Professor of Politics and International Studies at the University of Cambridge and an Honorary Research Fellow of SPERI.

The first publication consists of a new book published by Helen in SPERI’s Palgrave Pivot series entitled ‘Building a Sustainable Political Economy; SPERI Research and Policy‘.  The book is called Oil and the Western Economic Crisis and is now available in e-form at

The second publication consists of a SPERI Global Political Economy Brief entitled ‘Oil: The Missing Story of the West’s Economic and Geopolitical Crises‘ in which Helen summarises the core features of her new research in a format that is quick and easy to digest.

Global Political Economy Brief No. 9 is available to download here.