Sean McDaniel to join SPERI to work on ‘economic justice’

Sean McDanielSean McDaniel will join SPERI from 1 July as part of our support for the Commission on Economic Justice established by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR).

The Commission was set up to rethink economic policy for post-Brexit Britain. This agenda has long been at the heart of SPERI’s mission, and Sean’s existing research on social democratic politics across Europe – and, increasingly, the implications of Brexit for political economy – mean that he is well-placed to make an important to contribution to the Commission’s work.

Sean’s research will explore several aspects of the contemporary UK political economy around which SPERI’s work for the Commission will focus:

(a) Ownership of firms and organizational types
(b) Combining paid and unpaid work, and closing gender, class and ethnic minority gaps
(c) The subnational settlement: institutions, policies and fiscal powers
(d) Developing the local community-based economy
(e) Fiscal, monetary, infrastructure and trade policy frameworks
(f) Measuring and understanding the economy
(g) Taxation: share of GDP and progressivity of the tax system

This is an exciting and very valuable agenda to which SPERI is very pleased to contribute.