Tony Payne stands down as SPERI Director

Today is Tony Payne’s final day as Co-Director of SPERI. He is retiring from this position, but will retain an ongoing role in SPERI in the future as a Professorial Fellow. Tony was the founding Co-Director of SPERI with Colin Hay and has led SPERI with Colin since we were established in 2012.

In his new Professorial Fellow role Tony will be continuing to research and write for SPERI, especially on the changing nature of development. He will continue to lead our research programme on ‘Development and the Governance of a Globalising Political Economy’, working jointly with Matt Bishop.

Earlier this month we marked SPERI’s fifth anniversary. We have achieved a lot over the last five years and none of it would have been possible without Tony’s leadership, drive and support. As we look ahead to our next five years, we already have an extensive and exciting research agenda underway and we are all looking forward to continuing to work with Tony.

Thanks for everything Tony!