Official launch of the PSA political economy group in Cambridge

SPERI is delighted to report that the Political Studies Association’s British and Comparative Political Economy Specialist Group will be formally launched in September. The group is convened by SPERI’s deputy director Craig Berry, and honorary fellow Jeremy Green.

The group will hold its inaugural workshop at the University of Cambridge on Wednesday 13th September. More information about the workshop, which is co-convened by Craig, Jeremy and SPERI research fellow Scott Lavery, can be found here:|News.

On the evening of the 13th (6pm), the group will host a large, interactive public event in Cambridge’s Webb Library, titled Politics in Uncertain Times: What Will the World Look Like in 2050, and How Do You Know?  The event will feature a fantastic panel, including political economist Helen Thompson, pollster and academic Joel Faulkner Rogers, historian Glen O’Hara and political betting expert Paul Krishnamurty.

The panel will discuss future trajectories of political and economic change, as we try to make sense of where this period of ‘great uncertainty’ is heading. Questions the event will consider include:

  • Considering the surprise by which many Events|News have taken society, should we attempt to be predictive and anticipatory when conducting political and economic analysis? Or, is the world so inherently unpredictable that we should avoid taking part in such activity?
  • How much does the weight of history hang over future trajectories of political and economic change? Has the study of the future become too detached from the study of history?
  • What impact are political and economic changes going to have on future generations? How will the young of today shape these changes?

For more information and to register for the public event, visit: