Tackling Insecure Work: political actions from around the world –new SPERI report for GMB

Tackling Insecure Work: political actions from around the world’ a new report by SPERI for the GMB trade union has been published today (September 25th)

The new report by Tom Hunt and Sean McDaniel sets out a range of examples of how and where political action is being taken around the world to tackle different forms of insecure work and improve job security.

It highlights new legislation, campaigns and partnerships that seek to protect and enhance workers’ rights and to restrict and challenge insecure forms of work.

Download the report: Tackling Insecure Work: political actions from around the world

Tom Hunt, Policy Research Officer for SPERI and co-author of the report:

“Around the world, from Germany to New Zealand, politicians from across the political spectrum have taken steps to tackle insecure forms of work. Ultimately the UK will require its own responses but these international examples all point to key questions and lessons that workers, policymakers, trade unions, and other institutions in the UK can draw upon.”

The report, which includes a foreword by Tim Roache, General Secretary of GMB, focuses on ten areas around the world where actions are being taken to improve job security.

  • Zero and short hour contracts
  • ‘Just-in-time’ scheduling
  • Fixed-term temporary contracts
  • Temporary agency work
  • Strategic employee sharing
  • Unpaid overtime
  • Protections for self-employed freelance workers
  • Improving pay and conditions on online platforms
  • Portable benefit schemes
  • Organising to support self-employed workers

The report looks at actions being taken by national government and at city and regional level, in traditional sectors and in the gig economy, and to support freelance self-employed workers as well as part-time and full-time workers. It concludes by putting forward five key points that could help shape future efforts to tackle insecure work in the UK.