SPERI hosts Finance Curse Workshop with the Tax Justice Network and Copenhagen Business School

On Thursday 16-17 November SPERI will host a workshop at Halifax Hall, Sheffield, on the phenomenon and concept of the ‘finance curse’.

The workshop has been organised in collaboration with the Tax Justice Network (TJN), the leading global tax campaign organisation, and the ENLIGHTEN Horizon 2020 programme at the Copenhagen Business School.

The workshop has been organised by Andrew Baker (SPERI, University of Sheffield) and John Christensen and Nick Shaxson of the TJN. The central contention behind the ‘finance curse’ is that the financial sector can become too big and too active, generating complex, dynamic and inter-twined economic, social, political and geographical harms. The workshop will examine evidence in relation to six finance curse symptoms: Dutch Disease; Brain Drain; Destabilizing rent extraction and systemic risk; Geographical and market concentrations; Socio-spatial Stratification; and Political Capture.

Establishing a future research agenda around the finance curse theme and a network of researchers to carry out it, is one of the workshop’s central aims. The workshop will also consider the political potential of the concept as a narrative and campaigning resource that can change the debate about the task of financial governance.

The keynote speaker at the workshop is Gerald Epstein, renowned for his pioneering work on financialization. As well as an international multi-disciplinary cast of academics covering macroeconomics, management, sociology, geography, political science and political economy, participants include representatives from the Financial Times, Le Monde, the Bank of England, Oxfam, War on Want, and Global Justice Now.

The full workshop programme is available here.