SPERI doctoral researcher attends UNCTAD Summer School in Geneva

SPERI doctoral researcher Patrick Kaczmarczyk attended the first summer school organised by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) at the Palais des Nations in Geneva between 3-7th September.

UNCTAD’s mandate is to promote an equitable participation of developing countries in international commerce and finance. The summer school brought academics and policymakers together to discuss the detrimental implications of the current monetary and financial regime for developing countries and to explore new and inter-disciplinary approaches to address recurring problems.

The speakers included UNCTAD officials such as Richard Kozul-Wright (Director of UNCTAD’s division on Globalization and Development Strategies), Stephanie Blankenburg (Head of the Debt and Development Finance Branch), Dusan Zivkovic (senior economics affairs officer), as well as a range of academics including Rui Esteves (Graduate Institute Geneva), Daniela Gabor (University of Bristol), and Gary Dymski (University of Leeds). The sessions led by senior UNCTAD staff and academics were complemented by young scholars who presented their research.

More information about the summer school can be found at http://debt-and-finance.unctad.org/Pages/UNCTAD-Summer-School-2018.aspx