Greening the State for a Sustainable Political Economy | New NPE Special Section published

Dr Martin Craig (Research Associate, SPERI) has published a new special section in New Political Economy. The section includes contributions from Robyn Eckersley, John Barry, Dan Bailey and Martin Craig.

The papers in the special section – which is entitled Greening the State For a Sustainable Political Economy – all approach the question of the state and its relationship to ecological crisis from a political-economic perspective. They ask how state responses to ecological crisis are shaped and constrained by the broader capitalist political economies in which they are located.

A short article by Martin Craig introduces the four contributions to the special section and situates them in the contemporary research literature.

The papers were developed from a workshop organised by Martin Craig – Towards an Ecological Political Economy of Contemporary Capitalism – which was jointly hosted by SPERI and the Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures in 2016.

The papers included in the special section are

Greening the State for a Sustainable Political Economy

Martin P. A. Craig 

Re-thinking the Fiscal and Monetary Political Economy of the Green State

Dan Bailey is a post-doctoral research fellow at the School of Social Sciences at the University of Manchester

‘Treasury Control’ and the British Environmental State: The Political Economy of Green Development Strategy in UK Central Government

Martin P. A. Craig 

A Genealogy of Economic Growth as Ideology and Cold War Core State Imperative

John Barry is Professor of Green Political Economy at Queen’s University Belfast.

The Green State in Transition: Reply to Bailey, Barry and Craig

Robyn Eckersley is a Professor of Political Science in the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Melbourne