Changes to SPERI’s leadership team

A message from Professor Colin Hay and Professor Genevieve LeBaron, SPERI Co-Directors

We are sorry to have to announce that Professor Adam Leaver has stood down from his position as SPERI Co-Director as of November 1st. Adam has played a crucial role in preparing SPERI’s relaunch and we would like to thank Adam for all of his work at SPERI. We wish Adam all the best with his future research.

At the same time, we are very pleased to announce that Tom Hunt has been promoted to Deputy Director of SPERI.

In his new role Tom will work with SPERI’s Co-Directors to develop and implement SPERI’s research strategy, and he will lead SPERI’s work with our team of Associate Fellows. Tom joined SPERI in 2015. He leads SPERI’s work to communicate political economy research findings to non-academic audiences; develop policy recommendations from political economy research; and build relationships with policymakers, journalists, and other relevant actors, who could be partners in our research or impact activities. Tom has co-ordinated large academic projects including the Industrial Strategy Commission (2017) and manages SPERI’s publications including policy briefs, reports and the SPERI blog.

Tom has published a wide range of SPERI reports and policy briefs. His edited collection, The Coming Crisis (with Colin Hay), was published in 2018. His research interests focus on efforts by states, industry, workers, unions, and civil society to improve labour standards, and on the changing nature of work. He is also currently working with Colin Hay and Allister McGregor to develop a multilateral notion of inclusive economic growth.