‘Political Economy on Trial’: SPERI hosts landmark ‘state of the field’ workshop, March 18-19.

On March 18th and 19th SPERI is thrilled to welcome a group of world-leading scholars to Sheffield to reflect on the implications of recent events for political economy as a field.

Over the next two days, in collaboration with the editorial boards of the leading journals, Review of International Political Economy (RIPE) and New Political Economy (NPE), SPERI will host a prestigious two-day academic workshop, Political Economy on Trial: Reflections After a Decade of Unforeseen Developments. This landmark ‘state of the field’ workshop at Sheffield Town Hall is an opportunity for political economy as a field to reflect on its own blind spots. Contributions from the workshop will be captured and shared in two simultaneously published special issues of RIPE and NPE.

A decade after the global financial crisis, we are grappling with a world of xenophobia and authoritarianism, ideological polarization, sharp concentrations of corporate power, wealth and ownership, and increasingly pronounced struggles over gender and racial inequality. Many of these trends were not predicted and remain poorly integrated into political economy analysis. The workshop will provide an opportunity to think collaboratively and collectively about our current times, and how political economy scholarship needs to change to better understand and explain them.

The workshop has been organised by Professor Jacqueline Best (Co-Editor, Review of International Political Economy & Professor, University of Ottawa), Professor Colin Hay (Editor-in-Chief, New Political Economy & Co-Director, SPERI), Professor Genevieve LeBaron (Co-Editor, Review of International Political Economy & Co-Director, SPERI) and Professor Daniel Mügge (former Lead Editor of Review of International Political Economy & Professor, University of Amsterdam).

The list of all workshop participants can be found below.

We are grateful to the University of Sheffield Faculty of Social Sciences, RIPE, NPE, and their publisher Taylor & Francis for supporting the workshop.

On Monday 18th SPERI will debate the themes of the workshop with current, founding and past editors of RIPE and NPE in front of a large public audience at Sheffield Town Hall. Further information about the public event can be found here.

Workshop presentersTitleInstitution
Dr Maha AtalPostdoctoral FellowCopenhagen Business School
Professor Kate BedfordProfessor of LawUniversity of Birmingham
Professor Gurminder BhambraProfessor of Postcolonial and Decolonial StudiesUniversity of Sussex
Mr Jonny BunningDoctoral ResearcherYale University
Professor Marieke de GoedeProfessor of PoliticsUniversity of Amsterdam
Professor Andrew GambleProfessor of PoliticsUniversity of Sheffield
Dr Kristen HopewellSenior Lecturer in International Political EconomyUniversity of Edinburgh
Professor Paul LangleyProfessor of Economic GeographyDurham University
Professor Erin LockwoodAssistant Professor Political ScienceUniversity of California, Irvine
Professor Matthew PatersonProfessor of International PoliticsUniversity of Manchester
Professor V. Spike PetersonProfessor of International RelationsUniversity of Arizona
Professor Leonard SeabrookeProfessor of International Political Economy and Economic SociologyCopenhagen Business School
Professor Robbie ShilliamProfessor of International RelationsJohn Hopkins University
Professor JP SinghProfessor of Global Affairs and Cultural StudiesGeorge Mason University
Dr Liam StanleyLecturer in PoliticsUniversity of Sheffield
Dr Marcia Vera EspinozaLecturer in Human GeographyQueen Mary University, London
Professor Kevin YoungAssociate Professor of Political ScienceUniversity of Massachusetts
Workshop organisers and Special Issue EditorsTitleInstitution
Professor Jacqueline BestProfessor of Political ScienceUniversity of Ottawa
Professor Colin HayProfessor of Political Science; Director of SPERIUniversity of Sheffield
Professor Genevieve LeBaronProfessor of Politics; Director of SPERIUniversity of Sheffield
Professor Daniel MüggeProfessor of Political ArithmeticUniversity of Amsterdam
RIPE and NPE editors also in attendanceTitleInstitution
Professor Andrew BakerProfessor of Political EconomyUniversity of Sheffield
Professor Paul BowlesProfessor of Economics and International StudiesUniversity of Northern British Columbia
Professor Tony HeronProfessor of International Political EconomyUniversity of York
Professor Andrew HindmoorProfessor of PoliticsUniversity of Sheffield
Dr Adrienne RobertsSenior Lecturer in International PoliticsUniversity of Manchester