Beyond Political Economy and Security Studies: new PREPPE project launches

SPERI has launched a new cohort within its innovative PREPPE programme.

PREPPE – the Postgraduate Research Experience in Political Economy – offers opportunities for students on the MA in Global Political Economy to participate in a new research project, in the context of an on-going commitment to research-led learning. The project, which will run between May–September 2019, is a unique opportunity for students to work with academics at SPERI to co-produce and contribute to a political economy research project.

PREPPE was launched in 2018 with a project that explored the political economy of the Weinstein scandal. Watch a video about the first project and read the blog series authored by the research team.

This year the PREPPE project is entitled Beyond Political Economy and Security Studies. Typically the economy and security are thought about as two separate domains, which shapes how we see the world. Policy tends to be divided up into ‘economic policy’ and ‘security policy’, and security studies and political economy are increasingly treated as separate and distinct academic disciplines. This year’s PREPPE project questions how helpful this distinction is. It will explore what benefits there are to our analyses of key events and trends in world politics if we do not assume a distinction between the economic and security spheres.

The project team consists of Dr Liam Stanley, SPERI Deputy Director, and Dr Joanna Tidy, Lecturer in Politics and SPERI Associate Fellow, and a team of three postgraduate students – Thomas McGrath, Michael McLeish, and Caitriona Rylance. The research team have held a series of workshops to collaboratively design the research agenda and are now collaborating to produce a blog series which will be published on the SPERI blog. The project will specifically focus on: community safety, climate emergency, and right-wing populism.

PREPPE is a hugely exciting and innovative programme and we are thrilled that the second cohort has now been launched. Liam Stanley’s leadership of PREPPE has been recognised by the university who have awarded him with a prestigious Early Career Senate Award for his teaching on the MA in Global Political Economy programme and his role in establishing and leading PREPPE. It’s brilliant to see this new cohort launch continue under his leadership.”
Professor Genevieve LeBaron, Director of SPERI