Funding success: new fellowships and studentships at SPERI

We are thrilled to announce that members of our team have been awarded funding to begin new research projects at SPERI.

Global Challenges Research Fund Fellowship

Dr Ellie Gore has been awarded funding by the University of Sheffield Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) to study the relationship between gender and forced labour in Ghana. Based at SPERI, the two-year GCRF research fellowship will commence in August 2019 and will comprise a comparative study across three sectors in Ghana: cocoa, sex work, and domestic work. The study addresses two primary research questions, examining the factors that determine female workers’ vulnerability to forced labour, and how gender shapes these workers’ experiences of forced labour. The study will involve intensive field research in three regions of Ghana and will be undertaken in partnership with the Department of Sociology at the University of Legon.

Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship

We are pleased to announce that Dr Jasper Blom (University of Amsterdam) has won a prestigious three year Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship. His research project at SPERI will examine the shift in global economic policymaking from the G7 to the G20 and explore whether this leads to changes in policy outcomes and whether it increases the democratic legitimacy and ability of global policymakers to accommodate discontent with economic globalization. Professor Andrew Baker will serve as mentor on the project.  

ESRC Studentship and Faculty Studentship Funding

Remi Edwards and Charline Sempéré, who are currently Research Assistants at SPERI, have both been awarded ESRC 1+3 studentships by the White Rose Social Sciences Doctoral Training Partnership to undertake PhDs in the Department of Politics and at SPERI. Their doctoral research will begin in September 2019.

Remi Edwards’ doctoral research project, under the supervision of Professor Genevieve LeBaron and Dr Liam Stanley, will assess the effectiveness of worker-driven alternatives to corporate social responsibility as a method of protecting labour rights in global supply chains.

Charline Sempéré’s doctoral research project, under the supervision of Professor Genevieve LeBaron and Dr Matthew Bishop, will explore the disproportionate vulnerability of women to labour exploitation and the gender specific dynamics of forced labour across multiple industries. .

Remi and Charline will join Patrick Kaczmarczyk and Ed Pemberton as co-chairs of the SPERI Doctoral Researchers Network.

Guy Cowman-Sharpe has been awarded a 1+3 PhD studentship by the Faculty of Social Sciences. Under the supervision of Dr Matthew Bishop and Dr Liam Stanley, Guy’s doctoral research project will focus on technology values in the Caribbean and Latin America region with a particular focus on Mexico’s robotics sector.

Congratulations to Ellie, Jasper, Remi, Charline and Guy!

If you would be interested in applying for funding to undertake research at SPERI please take a look at our Opportunities page.