Beyond the Crisis? Global Capitalism in the 2020s

SPERI Conference

Friday 8th November 2019 9.30am-5.15pm
British Academy, Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5AH

On the eve of a new decade this conference will explore how global capitalism is changing, and the implications of this for economic policy and for politics. It will bring together leading UK and international academics in London to present and discuss the latest in political economy research with a high-profile audience of people in politics, public policy, research, business and the media.

The conference will explore the big questions that will shape the 2020s. Have corporations become too powerful? Are new technologies fundamentally altering the nature of work? Has financialisation gone too far? Amidst political turmoil, environmental crisis and a possible global economic slowdown, can global capitalism be reformed?

Andrew Gamble, one of the world’s leading political economists, will give the keynote address.

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Conference programme

9.00 Doors open for registration

9.30 Welcome and introductions

9.40 Keynote speech by Professor Andrew Gamble: ‘Beyond Brexit: the past and future of the UK political economy’

Andrew Gamble is a Professorial Fellow at SPERI and a leading scholar in the fields of British politics and political economy.

10.25 Panel 1: When corporations rule? The business of contemporary capitalism

This panel will explore new issues in global supply chains, digital platforms, corporate ownership and investment and the relationship between business, the state, workers and civil society.

  • Genevieve LeBaron – Professor of Politics, University of Sheffield and Co-Director of SPERI
  • Eelke Heemskerk – Associate Professor in Political Science, University of Amsterdam
  • Maha Rafi Atal – Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Copenhagen Business School
  • The panel will be moderated by Ben Chu, Economics Editor, BBC Newsnight

11.35 Refreshments

12.00 Panel 2: Hard labour? The new organisation of work

This panel will explore new issues concerning automation, artificial intelligence and the gig economy, labour and migration, and labour in global supply chains.

  • Stephanie Barrientos – Professor of Global Development, University of Manchester
  • Alex J. Wood – Lecturer in the Sociology of Work, University of Birmingham 
  • Valerio De Stefano – Research Professor of Labour Law, University of Leuven
  • Manoj Dias-Abey – Lecturer in Law, University of Bristol
  • The panel will be moderated by Jill Ward, economics reporter, Bloomberg

13.15 Lunch (provided for all attendees)

14.15 Panel 3: Beyond finance? Financialisation, economy and society

This panel will explore new issues relating to global financial flows, the scale and impact of the finance sector, the relationship between finance and the state, and ‘everyday’ financialisation.

  • Annina Kaltenbrunner – Associate Professor in the Economics of Globalisation and the International Economy, University of Leeds
  • Andrew Baker – Professor of Political Economy, University of Sheffield
  • Sandy Hager – Senior Lecturer in International Political Economy, City University of London
  • Adrienne Roberts – Senior Lecturer in International Politics, University of Manchester
  • The panel will be moderated by Phillip Inman, Economics Editor, The Observer

15.30 Refreshments

15.55 Roundtable discussion: Can capitalism be reformed?

A leading panel of speakers will discuss key issues in the global political economy including the condition of the UK economy and the impact of Brexit, the climate and environmental crisis, the US-China trade war, the prospects for industrial strategy, and the role of the state in economic policy.

  • Colin Hay – Professor of Political Analysis, University of Sheffield and Co-Director of SPERI
  • Helen Thompson – Professor of Political Economy, University of Cambridge
  • Mariana Mazzucato – Professor in the Economics of Innovation & Public Value, University College London
  • Heather Boushey – President & CEO, the Washington Center for Equitable Growth
  • The panel will be moderated by Michael Jacobs, Professorial Fellow, SPERI

17.10 Closing remarks

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