International news coverage for new SPERI paper on the UK Finance Curse

A new SPERI report that assesses the cost of ‘too much finance’ for the UK from the 1990s to the current period has received international news coverage since its publication […]

Costing the country: Britain’s finance curse

The finance industry is not the golden goose claimed by its vast public relations team: it looks much more like […]

New SPERI report: The UK’s Finance Curse? Costs and Processes

A new SPERI report assesses the cost of ‘too much finance’ for the UK from the 1990s to the current […]

The Finance Curse research agenda: what we learned

A finance curse research agenda involves forensic dissection of financial dysfunction and pathology, helping to illuminate what needs to be […]

The Finance Curse: Building a new knowledge network

A workshop in Sheffield this week will examine the symptoms of a phenomenon known as the ‘finance curse’, establish a […]

SPERI hosts Finance Curse Workshop with the Tax Justice Network and Copenhagen Business School

On Thursday 16-17 November SPERI will host a workshop at Halifax Hall, Sheffield, on the phenomenon and concept of the […]

The finance curse as a new grand narrative?

As both populist discourse and conceptual apparatus, it is capable of constructing a novel, inclusive coalition in support of the […]

Finance, Debt & Society

The third blog in our new series sets out SPERI’s research agenda on Finance, Debt & Society

Current Projects

Inclusive Growth and Development: The Multilateral and Multidimensional Challenge Led by Colin Hay, Allister McGregor, Merve Sancak and Tom Hunt, this project reflects on the multilevel and multilateral character of the challenge of inclusive growth and aims to broaden the inclusive growth agenda beyond its typically national focus. The project […]

From capitalism grounded to grounded capitalism – Part 1

We can partly situate the grounding of Britain’s pre-crisis growth model in its geographical unevenness – but the left must […]