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Asking the right questions

Fred Block

To get out of the crisis we need to think about radical reforms that produce a greener and more equitable form of capitalism ‘If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about answers’ (Thomas Pynchon) Since 2008 people have been asking whether capitalism can be reformed to eliminate dangerous financial speculation and the extreme … Continue reading

17 April 2014 by Fred Block
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Mass Flourishing, or nostalgic nonsense?

Fred Block

Edmund Phelps’s new book ignores the key role that states play in making innovation happen Despite winning the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2006, Edmund Phelps has endeavoured to write a big and ambitious book—something like The Wealth of Nations for the 21st century.    Phelps hopes to offer a bold new answer to the big question of why some nations … Continue reading

17 September 2013 by Fred Block
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