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Lisa Kastner, Policy Advisor at the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS), Associate Fellow at the Centre d’études européennes, Sciences Po Paris

EU mortgage reforms and the shifting power of civil society and the financial industry

Analysis of new EU mortgage reforms shows how civil society groups were able to translate their key goals into policy and counters the financial industry ‘capture’ narrative Since the global financial crisis of 2008, the European Commission has brought forward more than forty measures to reform its financial architecture in response to the crisis.  The EU’s reforms have significantly altered … Continue reading

19 June 2017 by Lisa Kastner
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How the financial industry mobilized against the European Financial Transaction Tax

Despite broad post-crisis support in Europe for a financial transaction tax, the financial industry successfully lobbied to water down proposals and delay its implementation 2017 should be the year when the much-delayed and watered down European Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) is finally implemented – but this is looking increasingly unlikely. After the 2008 financial crisis a large public coalition of … Continue reading

22 May 2017 by Lisa Kastner
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