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Louise Ryan, Professorial Research Fellow, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Sheffield

Understanding migrant trajectories through the lens of differentiated embedding

In the evolving context of Brexit, a new framework can help explain the factors that shape migrants’ choices to stay in the UK or to leave Over the last decade or so it has become increasingly apparent that despite initial claims to transience, temporariness and short term stays, many EU migrants have stayed longer in the UK than originally planned. … Continue reading

9 November 2017 by Louise Ryan
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Making connections: the role of ‘weak ties’ in migrants’ employment strategies

New research sheds light on how Polish migrants to the UK navigate labour markets and their social and employment networks What strategies can migrants mobilise to overcome initial ‘deskilling’ and achieve levels of employment commensurate with their qualifications? Discussions of post-accession migration from Central and Eastern Europe, in particular, abound with images of graduates from prestigious Polish or Hungarian universities … Continue reading

29 September 2016 by Louise Ryan
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