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Matt Wood, Lecturer in Politics at the Department of Politics and Deputy Director of the Sir Bernard Crick Centre for the Public Understanding of Politics (Crick Centre)

Depoliticisation: What is it and why does it matter?

Matt Wood

Understanding the concept of depoliticisation – and of politicisation – is key to understanding the governing strategies of policymakers and how decisions are made How do governments shape public perceptions of politics in the institutional arrangements they create?  How do they seek to avoid blame for stagnant growth, failures to reduce public debt, or the financing of potentially unpopular socio-economic … Continue reading

7 September 2017 by Matt Wood
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‘Floating voters’, rules of rescue and the challenge to austerity discourse

Matt Wood

The onset of massive flooding is throwing up some uncomfortable challenges for the UK Coalition government’s austerity agenda Andrew Neil’s quip on Thursday night’s episode of This Week about the government’s concern for ‘floating voters’ in south-west England was among his best. Like a lot of good jokes, it resonates with an unacknowledged truth. This winter’s extraordinarily prolonged period of … Continue reading

20 February 2014 by Matt Wood
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