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SPERI Spotlight on the UN climate summit III

Matthew Patterson

Beyond ‘Deadline Multilateralism’ UN climate change negotiations have been temporally structured around a series of crunch moments: Rio, Kyoto, The Hague, Bali, Copenhagen and now Paris.  The lessons of Rio and Kyoto seemed to be that, if you give a clear deadline, you could structure the expectations of negotiators around that deadline and thereby produce a deal. At Rio it … Continue reading

25 November 2015 by Matthew Patterson
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Capitalism, greening and political economy

Matthew Patterson

China and other countries in the global South are leading the way in the uptake of renewable energy and the pursuit of green growth Hints that we maybe undergoing profound transformations in capitalism as it grapples with the unprecedented challenge of taking the fossil fuels out of the global economy are rapidly becoming clearer.  In our book Climate Capitalism, published … Continue reading

25 February 2015 by Matthew Patterson
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