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Mehmet Erman Erol, Research Fellow, Ordu University, Turkey

The condition of labour and democracy under the state of emergency in Turkey


Turkey’s AKP government is using the state of emergency to curtail labour rights and introduce regressive economic reforms Following the failed coup on 15 July by supporters of the Gülenist movement within the army, Turkey’s ruling political Islamist AKP government introduced a state of emergency with an ‘aim of taking swift and effective steps required to eliminate the threat against … Continue reading

16 December 2016 by Mehmet Erman Erol
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Authoritarian but Flexible: Turkey and recent labour market reforms


The AKP’s reforms to ‘flexibilise’ the labour market will weaken workers’ rights and further consolidate authoritarian neoliberalism in Turkey In the last few years, ‘authoritarianism’ has been used widely by mainstream academic circles, Western media and international civil society organisations to define the character of the political regime under the AKP (Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi or the Justice and Development … Continue reading

7 June 2016 by Mehmet Erman Erol
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