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Kevin Muldoon-Smith, Lecturer in Real Estate Economics and Property Development, Northumbria University and Paul Greenhalgh, Associate Professor in Real Estate Economics, Northumbria University

Developing a local government finance system that works for all?

Property and land are increasingly significant to local government financing – but their valuation and taxation need urgent reform to fund local services and support growth In recent years, there have been several political narratives designed, and promoted, to rebalance the way parts of England are governed; variously associated with devolution, decentralisation,  Powerhouses (Northern) and Engines (Midlands). More recently, emphasis … Continue reading

15 August 2017 by Kevin Muldoon-Smith & Paul Greenhalgh
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Making sense of fiscal devolution in public-sector service delivery

Local authorities will be expected to fend for themselves within a new model of civic financialisation and entrepreneurialism The announcement in October at the Conservative Party Conference by Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, about the full localisation of business rate devolution took many by surprise. There was little subsequent detail in the Autumn Statement and Public Spending Review in … Continue reading

22 December 2015 by Kevin Muldoon-Smith & Paul Greenhalgh
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