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Richard Jones, Associate Fellow of SPERI, Professor of Physics, University of Sheffield

The Life Sciences should not have an Industrial Strategy

Richard Jones

Industrial policy should be driven by and framed in terms of the demand for innovation, not by the science areas which contribute to it The UK government has published the first outcome of the Industrial Strategy “sector deals” announced in the spring’s Industrial Strategy Green Paper. The Life Sciences Industrial Strategy was headed by Sir John Bell; the area is of undoubted … Continue reading

20 September 2017 by Richard Jones
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Towards a coherent industrial strategy for the UK

Richard Jones

The new report by Industrial Strategy Commission sets out positive principles that can be the foundations for a new UK industrial strategy What should a modern industrial strategy for the UK look like? Last week the Industrial Strategy Commission, of which I’m a member, published its interim report – Laying the Foundations – which sets out some positive principles which we suggest … Continue reading

19 July 2017 by Richard Jones
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Innovation, research and the UK’s productivity crisis

Richard Jones

Continuing on our current path of stagnating productivity and stagnating innovation isn’t inevitable: it’s a political choice The UK is in the midst of an unprecedented peacetime slowdown in productivity growth.  Labour productivity – the economic output produced per hour worked – has, for many decades, grown steadily at 2.3% a year.  All that changed in 2007, since when it … Continue reading

23 September 2015 by Richard Jones
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Rebuilding the UK’s innovation economy

Richard Jones

Three steps could be taken immediately by the present or a future UK government The weak link in the UK’s innovation economy is that too little is spent by the private sector on research and development.  As a fraction of GDP, this spending now stands at 1.09%, compared to Germany, say, at 1.94%.   The UK’s investment is dwarfed to an … Continue reading

11 November 2014 by Richard Jones
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The failures of supply-side innovation policy

Richard Jones

Longstanding deficiencies in Britain’s innovation policy are hampering our efforts to return to growth Technological innovation is the major source of long-term growth in developed economies.  In the UK we’re now in the most persistent period of slow or no growth this century.  So what is the role of technological innovation – or the lack of it – in the … Continue reading

10 May 2013 by Richard Jones
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