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Third party ownership: Big Sam, football and capitalism

Thomas Hastings

Third party ownership highlights the problems associated with the intertwining of football and capitalism, and why reforms are urgently needed The recent Sam Allardyce inspired saga over third party ownership in football has served to highlight the bigger and more general problems associated with the intertwining of football and capitalism. Building on existing SPERI blogs, notably Craig Berry’s insights into … Continue reading

18 October 2016 by Thomas Hastings
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The Uber model and associated controversies

Tom Hastings

The US firm’s successful expansion into many different countries, including the UK, raises important questions about the regulation of technology-dependent businesses The controversies surrounding US technology firm Uber continue and have done so for several years now, with the firm’s notoriety coming hot on the heels of near-constant technological and territorial expansions. The concept at the heart of Uber’s model … Continue reading

28 October 2015 by Thomas Hastings
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Variations in austerity-based reform

Tom Hastings

PIIGS and GIPSIs may appear to face common problems, but we should always respect the uniqueness of each country’s particular crisis For well-documented reasons the Greek political economy has received unprecedented attention in recent months, fuelled not least by the possibility of ‘Grexit’ and the potential impacts of this on both Greek society and the wider Eurozone. It is worth … Continue reading

26 August 2015 by Thomas Hastings
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Inequality Redux IV

Thomas Hastings

Shedding light and turning down the heat in the debate on welfare reform Increasingly, debate about the British economy is focusing on welfare reform and the downward adjustment of the rate of benefit British citizens can expect at times of hardship.  The logic here has typically coupled the need for deficit reduction with moral arguments about who should lose out … Continue reading

12 March 2015 by Thomas Hastings
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Quantifying employment protection

Thomas Hastings

Although it trumpets the benefits of a low employment protection rate, the OECD utilises a flawed methodology for measuring employment protection legislation Last year the Secretary-General of the OECD, Angel Gurria, cited low rates of employment protection governing the UK labour market as pivotal to reducing unemployment and enhancing the economy in the aftermath of the financial crash.  UK figures … Continue reading

21 January 2015 by Thomas Hastings
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