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Vivien Schmidt, Chair of SPERI’s International Advisory Board and Jean Monnet Professor of European Integration at Boston University

Has neoliberalism gone too far? And if so, where do we go from here?

To replace neoliberalism we need a renewal of liberal capitalism combined with a renewal of democracy Neoliberalism has gone too far: it has undermined democratic capitalism – by which I mean both liberal capitalism and liberal democracy. We are experiencing the backlash today in the rise of populism, reflective of citizen discontent. The question is: what will replace neoliberalism? Where … Continue reading

17 July 2017 by Vivien Schmidt
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Saving ‘Social Europe’

Vivien Schmidt

Reinterpreting the rules ‘by stealth’ is all that is presently possible in governing the Eurozone economy During the euro’s sovereign debt crisis, European leaders have been obsessed with rules, numbers and pacts.  These include the ‘Six-Pack’, the ‘Two-Pack’ and the ‘Fiscal Compact’, each more stringent on the nature of the rules, more restrictive with regard to the numbers and more … Continue reading

15 January 2015 by Vivien Schmidt
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