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Adam Barber, Senior Research Associate, Future Economies Research Centre, Manchester Metropolitan University

Localising pension fund investments: opportunities and challenges

Pension funds could play an important role in achieving a more balanced economy, but new investments should prioritise benefits for members above all else Regional economic imbalances – that is inequalities in the outcomes between different regions and localities in the UK – have long been a cause for concern for politicians and policy-makers. In response, pension funds, with their … Continue reading

9 July 2018 by Adam Barber
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Is Lloyds Britain’s most boring bank?

Lloyds have embraced the ‘boring banking model’ but whether they are a trailblazer for the other major British banks or simply an outlier remains unclear. Renowned economics Professor and Financial Times columnist John Kay recently argued that the global financial crisis of 2008 had presented banks with an opportunity for reform and to shift the focus of their business. In … Continue reading

30 August 2016 by Adam Barber
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George Osborne, banks and the turning tide of regulation in the UK

The mood music being played to the City by the majority Conservative government has been quietly but deliberately changed since May 2015 In the immediate wake of the financial crisis in 2008-9 it appeared as if there was an endless line of politicians in the UK from across all political spectrums queuing up to lambast and publicly deride the banks … Continue reading

3 March 2016 by Adam Barber
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Countering money laundering and terrorist financing

Banks and financial service providers have responsibilities, but they can’t be expected to solve these problems on their own In November 2014 Westpac Bank, one of Australia’s largest banks, announced that it would be closing its remittance business because it was concerned it would not be able to meet the tough new legal obligations being imposed by international anti-money laundering … Continue reading

29 April 2015 by Adam Barber
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Inequality Redux VIII

Housing, house prices and homelessness Housing has become one of the most important issues facing the UK today, with access to the housing market one of the most salient dividing lines of an increasingly unequal society.  Regardless of whether an individual owns a home or rents, it is largely accepted that the size and location of that house, as well … Continue reading

9 April 2015 by Adam Barber
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Small island states, tax havens and tourism: what price their development?

It is important to consider the damaging environmental consequences of the common association of offshore finance with large numbers of short-term visitors In a previous post I addressed the issue of those small states which have deliberately manipulated their sovereignty and jurisdictional autonomy to play host to a number of offshore financial centres (OFCs) as a means of meeting their … Continue reading

4 February 2015 by Adam Barber
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Closing the gender pay gap

The inclusion of more women in the labour market is insufficient by itself to guarantee women’s empowerment Over the course of the past 40 years more and more women have moved into paid employment. The gap between men and women in work has shrunk dramatically since the 1970s with figures from the Office for National Statistics showing that men are … Continue reading

26 June 2014 by Adam Barber
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Small island economies, offshore finance and development

Playing host to Offshore Financial Centres may ultimately prove to be damaging to the economic prospects of small island economies The challenge of coming up with a development strategy which is both sustainable and capable of meeting the long-term aspirations of a state is a notoriously difficult task. For small island economies, their modest size, remoteness, limited domestic markets and … Continue reading

21 January 2014 by Adam Barber
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