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Adam Fishwick, VC2020 Lecturer in Urban Studies and Public Policy, De Montfort University

Organising against the gig economy – lessons from Latin America?

Adam Fishwick

New strategies of organisation and workers’ control in Latin America suggest ways to tackle the insecurity of the gig economy Workers in the so-called ‘gig economy’ face heightening conditions of precarity and exploitation – from delivery couriers to taxi drivers, as has been shown in this series so far, conditions of work are increasingly deleterious and show little sign of … Continue reading

2 May 2017 by Adam Fishwick
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Looking beyond the end of the Latin American Pink Tide

Adam Fishwick

Despite recent electoral defeats for the left social protest and mobilisation in Argentina suggest the Pink Tide’s decline may be overstated The resurgence of the right in Latin America – from the recent electoral victories of the MUD alliance in Venezuela to the attempted impeachment (and possible constitutional coup) against Dilma Rousseff and the PT in Brazil to the presidential … Continue reading

3 May 2016 by Adam Fishwick
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