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Adam Leaver, Professor in Accounting and Society, Sheffield University Management School

Disgorging the social settlement: What the Paradise Papers tell us about firms

The Paradise Papers reveal how debt and other financial mechanisms are used to move funds offshore and avoid tax. New constraints on firms and managers are needed Back in the 1980s, concern about lagging competitiveness in publicly listed firms led to the popularity of agency theory explanations for underperformance. Authors like Michael Jensen told a very simple, yet seductive story … Continue reading

10 November 2017 by Adam Leaver
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Tactics without strategy: Brexit and the politics of conceit

The political and economic forces unleashed by the referendum result now pose profound challenges for Leave politicians and the Labour Party With two million Conservative voters seemingly ‘undecided’ last week and Labour voters preponderantly pro-Remain but susceptible to no-shows at the ballot booth, it was tempting to presume before the vote that an event of this magnitude might be decided … Continue reading

27 June 2016 by Adam Leaver
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Organising metaphors and austerity: what the left can learn

Progressives need to think differently about political narrative to shape the political agenda to their advantage Arguably one of the most memorable moments of last year in the UK featured a tearful, Conservative-voting mother on BBC1’s weekly debating programme Question Time explaining how cuts in tax credits would affect her ability to provide the basic requirements of food and shelter … Continue reading

9 February 2016 by Adam Leaver
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