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Ahmad Rizky M. Umar, Executive Secretary of ASEAN Studies Centre, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia

Is regionalism declining in world politics?


To counter moves towards more nationalist politics, regional integration must involve greater social integration In 1996, Tony Payne and Andrew Gamble theorised the reorganisation of world order under what they called ‘new regionalism’. They argued that the period since the end of the Cold War had witnessed the rise of political projects in various regions, which were built by states … Continue reading

1 June 2017 by Ahmad Rizki Umar
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What the Lin-Zhang debate tells us about Chinese economic power


The debates about the role of the state in economic development between two Chinese economists at Peking University should be followed closely In November 2016, The Economist published an interesting article about the debate between two leading economists at Peking University, Justin Yifu Lin and Weiying Zhang.  The two high-profile economists represent two ideological leanings and offer conflicting perspectives on … Continue reading

7 March 2017 by Ahmad Rizki Umar
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What ASEAN needs to learn from Brexit


ASEAN needs to develop stronger leadership and become more democratic. Failure to do this will mean it continue to be fragmented and vulnerable to the danger of ‘breaking up’ Recent crises in the European Union, from Brexit to the recent Italian Constitutional referendum have sparked debate about the future of the EU, not only in the Europe, but also outside … Continue reading

31 January 2017 by Ahmad Rizki Umar
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